Rosaryville 50K RR–Chicked!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve blooped, let alone wrote up a RR.  I’ve raced a bunch, but nothing seemed very worthy of reporting on from my perspective that others had not already touched on.  I began to feel like I was typing the same RR, just changing the dates or distances, people or places.  Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging with Loopsters, but running wise there really hasn’t been a ton to speak of.  Plus, work and life have been much busier, which leaves little time for “looping.”

It all began at Shamrock where Jenster and VBlevins twisted my arm ever so slightly by talking me into a “no frills” but, fun and super runnable 50K in Upper Marlsboro, MD at Rosaryville State Park.  It actually fit perfectly into my 50 mile/Fall Marathon training “plan” so, I signed up.  Besides, who could resist these two?  Turns out, I wasn’t the only one. Gwen and Abby joined us, as well as Ken and Keith and also a couple of Jen’s running buddies from NC.  Quite a group!

I was hoping since the course was billed as runnable, I’d have a good shot at a new 50K PR.  Though this spring/summer hasn’t been too kind to me as far as allergies/sinus infections go.  My mileage has been down since Hatfield McCoy due to a crazy sinus infection that decided it wanted to stick around a little too long for my liking.  Instead of shooting for a PR, I began to wonder if I would just be able to complete the distance within the time limit.  Thankfully, I managed to “oil” it away with a few days to spare.  With my breathing much improved I felt a little more confident toeing the line.  But, the lack of trail running this year had me wondering if my trail muscles would be up to the challenge of a sub 6:45 50K.  As we all know, there is only one way to find out. . .

Loop One Thoughts:

–There’s WAY too many people and hitting the trail head is gonna result in a bunch of walking.  Better speed it up and get closer to some people who look like my pace.

–Lots of “On Your Lefts” left me winded

–Found a girl/guy keeping a great pace and stuck with them for most of the loop

–Trail is very runnable, much like our “Old Man’s” trail at home (Island Lake Rec Area) and the hills aren’t so bad at all.

–Crap!  Chafing already on my back. . . forgot to Body Glide around my short’s waist and back pocket.

Loop 2 Thoughts:

–A mile away from the 2nd AS I realize that I am not going to see BB or my drop bag at the start/finish area, as we will not be going there until the end.  Oh, poo!  Guess that wasn’t an “extra” AS set up for the 10K like I thought.  I suppose filling my water bottle all the way might have been a better idea. . .

–I hope someone tells BB that so he is there with the “Loopsters are OSOM” sign for V. . .

–I really wish I wasn’t an idiot and had used my Body Glide.

–Need to ration the remainder of my Tailwind.  Really wish I had read those race instructions better. . . will need to use Nuun backup hydration reserves and eat more.

–Where the heck is that halfway AS?  I don’t remember all these hills from the first loop.

–It’s BB and Ken!!!  The Loopster Sign!!!  Ah, Body Glide!!!  Doesn’t work as well on already sweating skin. . . FYI

–A mile away from BB and Ken I wonder “Why didn’t you get your other packet of Tailwind?”

–Nuun in a 20 oz bottle requires more than one tablet for my liking.  Why don’t I remember these things?

–Catch up to a group of people I assumed knew each other and it was like a conga party line for a while.

–Got swept up in eavesdropping the conversation and pulled away from the group as I learned about a new drink I’m dying to try.  Pleasure and Pain–Bourbon, Watermelon Juice, Lime Juice and a jalapeno infused ice cube.  Best remember this. . . must repeat ingredients every few minutes.

–Food in France sounds amazing!  Ethiopian, Indian. . . why must they keep talking about food?

–Holy crap!  Running is hard right now.  Must take walk break.

–Phew!  End of Loop 2 and I’ve got 2 hours and 35 minutes to finish Loop 3 and still PR!!!  I’ve got this!!!

Loop 3 Thoughts:

–Tailwind is AMAZING!!!  BB and Ken are a great sight to see every AS!!!

–I am all alone.  Where is everyone?  Oh, good there is an orange ribbon.

–Another biker?  At least they are nice, but I’m tired of side stepping.

–PR is gonna happen.  Must keep running.

–Dang!  This is getting much harder.  Where did the runnable stuff go?  I don’t remember these hills at all.

–5 miles to go in an hour and 20 or less will get me a PR!!!

–Dang it!  C’mon hammy/ITB/Piriformis!  Now is not the time to buckle.  I will drag this damn left leg to a PR if it kills me.

–Face it!  PR is off the table.  Your leg won’t work.  *massaging leg/butt*  *stretching*

–WALK WITH A PURPOSE!  I’ll bet Kynan, Laura, Linnea and Elaine are in a ton more pain than you!  What a pansy!  It’s a 50K!  SUCK IT UP!!!

–Oh, good I can run again!  Oh, maybe not. . . *almost face plants, kicking a root*

–Finally the AS. . . one mile to go!!!  On a road. . . a “hilly” road.

–Go get the guy in the yellow shirt.  Better catch him!  He’s walking.

–Keep running. . . faster. . . you got this!

–Pass guy in yellow shirt, but I think he’s trying to pass me back. . . yep I hear him breathing and his footfalls.

–I already chicked you dude!  Not gonna cross the finish before me now as I speed it up.

–He yells “c’mon!  Let’s do this!” and as fast as I could muster I held him off, almost needing to bring out the elbows.  Thanks dude!

I crossed the finish with a 4 minute distance PR and I can tell two days later that I really left it all out there.  I wish I had bought more Tailwind, used more Body Glide and had trained a bit harder.  But, I’m super proud of my effort and the fact that I argued with myself for the last 5 miles and still managed to squeeze out a PR!  My trail muscles are not where they need to be for me to kill it at the Hungerford Games 50 Miler, but I’ve got time.  Lots more trails in my future. . .


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