Run Like the Dickens 5K 2010 RR

Race day weather conditions were PERFECT!  Just about 32, overcast, little wind and clear pavement.  Couldn’t ask for more in Michigan for the middle of December.  I was very happy with this, considering last year’s race it was 15*.  One would say it would be a good day for a PR, especially on a fairly flat course, but I wasn’t feeling it.  Something felt “off.”  I have been slacking lately with the mileage, but I’ve been feeling pretty tired.  I had a good speed session last Tuesday and a solid group run on Thursday, so I should be revved up and ready to run.  I just wasn’t.  Instantly, I remembered reading ghhrfy’s blog about her recent 5K win.  I figured let’s just get out and warm up and see if it helps get me pumped up to run.

1.5 miles of warmup with a few strides and I felt a little better.  I still couldn’t put my finger on what was going on with my energy level, but hey, it was time to race.  My focus was to stay at 7:35/mile or faster, but once the gun went off. . . I took off strong with the group.  I was feeling good and just decided to stick with it.  Mile 1 – 7:24

Hmmm. . . strange, but I am still feeling good.  Passing some people, getting passed by some, and passing some back.  I tried to focus on the next female in front of me and try to “catch” her.  I was running “with” a group and I kind of settled in with them.  BIG MISTAKE!  I looked down and they had slowed. . . what???  Mile 2 – 7:39

Weird, I still felt like I was moving quickly, but the feeling didn’t last long.  My legs just felt like they were in quicksand.  I kept telling them to go faster.  I tried pumping my arms faster in hopes that the legs would cooperate.  My lungs, which were burning in my last 5K were feeling fine today.  The legs just wouldn’t go.  Come on, legs – 5 minutes more, that’s all I’m asking.  They adamantly declined and I crossed mile 3 – 7:53.

Ah, crap!  Are you serious legs?  Really, what is your deal?  We better be able to save some face here with a .1 kick.  Ha!  Not so much. . . last .1 – 44 secs @ 6:44 pace.  So disappointing after such a great start but, I did finish sub 24 in 23:43, only 2 seconds slower than the previous Saturday.  My time was good enough for an age group win for the 2nd year in a row.  I was happy with that considering how I felt, but still disappointed that I didn’t hold on to my 7:35 pace for that last mile.  I know I’ve got a faster 5K in me.  I just want to let it out!!!

For what it is worth, Sunday morning greeted me with my monthly reminder that I am indeed a woman (sorry, guys for the TMI), which explains the lack of energy and my dead legs.  Happens EVERY month.  One would think I would’ve caught on by now.  Felt like poo all day Sunday and even yesterday.  I took two days of rest. . . I can’t remember the last time I did this.  But, I did in fact get the rent issue resolved and all is well today.  Hopefully, I can get in a good speed session tonight.

Up next, Biggby Coffee Jingle Bell Run 5K. . . then a possible New Year’s Eve 5K on Belle Isle. . . I really need to string together 3.1 strong miles.  I know I can do it.  I just gotta run!!!


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