Phinally, My Philly RR

Well, it’s been WAY too long. . . I’ve been trying to come up with a witty report and a recap that is worthy of my Philadelphia experience as a whole and for probably the first time in my life. . . I’m at a complete loss for words.  For those who know me, know I rarely am quiet, so this is weird.

Want to know how my race went?  Read Mr. Bacon’s report and add 25 minutes or so to his finishing time.  It pretty much went great until about the 30K point.  Both my mom and sister asked me after the race if I stopped here.  Uh, no!  I don’t stop during a marathon, but I significantly slowed down a bit more than I had wanted.  Oh, well.  I struggled with legs that wanted to cramp up on me and I finished.  I smiled through gritted teeth and crossed the finish line happy with the fact that I had gave it my best shot.  No regrets.  And plenty of Loopsters to hug and share the race with.  Finish time 3:50:43.

Best part of the race?  Running with Steph in the beginning for a bit and then for a mile or so when I was literally dying for the race to be over.  Stupid mile 24!  The crowds were fantastic for much of the race, except along the river.  Loved the course, except for the silly little out and back over the bridge.

For me, this experience wasn’t about running a marathon.  This was all about the people who I have shared so much of myself with over the last 3 years or so.  All of you know WAY more about me than my “real life” friends and to get to meet everyone face to face was just amazing.  Surreal is what many called the weekend.  Walking into a bar full of “strangers” never has felt so much like walking into my familys’ homes.  Spending the weekend “frat style” with my six other roommates made me want to take all of you home with me.  Running up the “Rocky Steps” post marathon with my BA Loopsters is definitely one of my favorite moments.  So many great times and so many memories will live on in my heart for the rest of my life.  Love you all!!!  On my flight home, it almost seemed as if it were all a really fantastic dream that I didn’t want to wake up from.

*Sorry for the lack of photos. . . my camera’s charging cable somehow managed to get left at home and I’m too lazy to try to steal photos you have already seen.*


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