My Version Solstice 10 Mile RR

I planned on running this race with my Loop Friend Dave.  It was a great coincidence that as I was getting out of my car, there he was parked right next to me!  We had previously discussed taking it “easy” for this one, since the weather and course really would make it tough to really push it.  Plus, it was really fun to just coast through 10 miles with the company of the other runners and especially a very cool Loopster.  I tried as best as I could not to talk poor Dave’s ear off, but I tend to be a bit chatty.  Instead of taking all of you through the race, here are some of my favorite highlights:

–  The playing of the National Anthem at the race start.  I love it.  Makes me nervous and gets my heart beating faster every time.  This probably goes back to my b-ball playing days.

–  The girl who said that we were just chatting and making it look easy.  If she only knew that it really wasn’t as easy as it looked.  At that point (about halfway), I was hoping for my second wind, which I finally got.

–  Sip, sip, dump – that was the way of the water stops.

–  The 10 Mile marker that was NOT at the 10 Mile mark!  HAHAHAHAHA!

–  Running through the sprinkler that some very nice folks had set up to hit the road for us runners.

–  The crazy look that a little boy gave us while standing on his lawn watching us run by.  Total confusion combined with the “I just rolled out of bed” look.  Too cute!

–  Saying hello, good morning, and thank you to most every spectator along the way.  Yeah, we were kind of cool like that.

–  Two little boys in a stroller screaming very loudly for all of us as we ran past.  They reminded me of my little niece, who always tells me to run faster.  Again, too cute!

–  Running my longest race EVER without my iPod.

–  Running my second race WITH someone and my first race WITH a Loopster.

All in all a great start to a fun day.  We didn’t run our fastest, but we ran as planned right between a 8:30 and 9 min/mi.  I was very satisfied with it.  We even ran pretty even splits, until the last mile or so.  I tried to keep up with Dave’s finishing kick, but he had a little more in the tank than I did, finishing just seconds ahead of me.  Very impressive!

Sadly, following the race I realized that my new tank top w/ built in bra had chafed my poor chest.  It was SUPER painful and even more so when I got in the shower. OUCH!!!  It hurt bad all day through a baby shower for my sister expecting her first, then a bachelorette party for a friend afterwards.  I put ointment on the burns, but OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!  In addition, my 17 miler for today didn’t happen.  The air was SO thick when I got up at 7.  My chest was still SO sore.  I thought I’d visit with my parents, niece, and sister and head out for my run around 7PM.  After checking the weather, I noticed tomorrow should be better.  I also did a test run for a couple hundred yards and OUCH!  So, 17 will be waiting for tomorrow.  Chafing STINKS!!!  I would’ve braved the weather, but the pain for 17 miles not so fun.


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