How Not To PR aka Mud Dog Pikermi RR

This will not be my traditional mile by mile recount of the whole race.  It would be similar to the last two I have done since the course is the same, the weather similar (though a little less wind and a little more warmth this time) and I would hate to bore anyone with the “same” report for yet a third time.  Instead I will regale you with things you should NOT do in preparation for a race:

1 – Sit for 4 hockey games on a stool w/ no back support for an equivelant of about 10 hours the day before a race.  I was working stats for the TV and Radio broadcasts of the MHSAA Hockey Semis and Finals Thursday evening, all day Friday, and one game on Sunday.

2 – Eat 2 dinner sized salads the day before a race for lunch and dinner.  Yes, I knew eating that second salad was a poor, poor idea but, it was FREE!  (Thanks Amy!)  For what it is worth both the Michigan Cherry Salad and Caesar Salad I ate were amazingly yummy.

3 – Drink Diet Pepsi instead of water all day in an effort to stay alert due to lack of sleep (read: Poor Decision Making).  My tummy was NOT thrilled with this and my meals being “off” their normal schedules.

4 – Wait until the last minute to throw things together for a race.  I was washing clothes when I should’ve been in bed sleeping.  I ran around the morning of the race like a crazy person (sleep deprived) trying to gather everything I needed.  Thankfully, I made it out the door in time and remembered everything.  Not an easy task.

So, one may think my race was an epic FAIL, right?  Not exactly. . . actually all things considered it went well.  Sure the stool sitting made my lower back hurt for much of the race.  My tummy revolted at mile 6 or 7 reminding me about why roughage is a bad, bad choice for pre race day meals.  I also think my tummy was overloaded with too much soda and too little water.  I could barely choke down a gel or much water during the race itself.  The course was muddy with lots of mud holes, slimy mud, icy mud, snowy mud.  Mud was unavoidable, but splashing through a muddy puddle is amazingly fun!  I dodged a few mud holes, but splashed through a few others.  Somewhere around mile 12.5 a guy who I had passed early on in the race (mile 3 or so) passed me up.  I got a little agitated by this and picked up the pace.  There was no way that I was going to let him beat me without putting up a fight.  Rounding the corner with .1 or so to go I “chick” him, clocking a 6:20 pace according to “G.”  I see my parents (yep they made the 2 hour trek to MP to see me race, but mostly to see my niece), my sis, BIL and sweet little Celine, all standing in the cold, spitting sleet cheering like crazy!  I ran a 1:52:10!!!  Had it not been for my churning tummy requiring me to slow down a bit in the last couple miles, I think I just may have PR’d.

All in all a good day!  Post race smoothie – Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Banana w/ Protein Powder then a nice hot shower.  Lunch at La Senorita with the family and then back home to work the Div 1 Hockey Final.  Busy, busy day!  But, so much fun!


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