Finding My Fierce – Week 7 MUM Training

Flashback to May 2009, fresh off a breakup, mom fighting cancer (she’s a survivor!) and just beginning my running career with 3 half marathons under my belt and on my way to running my first marathon with my sister in October 2009 (Detroit Free Press Marathon), I was on a mission.  Other than raising a cute little pupster, my goal was to put all my crazy emotions and feelings into the pavement.  There were plenty of runs where it hurt, but I powered through.  Some days I’d just start crying and ran through the tears.  As an aside, running while crying isn’t the best idea.  The harder I ran, the better I actually felt.  Long runs with my sister were amazing bonding time given that she lived 2 1/2 hours away.  In the back of my mind, I thought if I didn’t train as hard as possible, I’d never survive a marathon.  Seriously, this was a HUGE fear of mine.

Flash forward to now, many marathons and ultras under my belt, I laugh at my fear of not being able to complete my first marathon.  But, that fear helped to fuel my training.  The latest struggle is finding my inner fierce fighting mentality to train hard for my BQ attempt at Marshall on November 1st.  I’m happy and content with my life in general.  No real complaints or feelings to pound out.  So, where do I find the fire?  I really want to BQ and I’m perfectly fine with putting in the work, but I feel like I’m lacking the push.  It’s been a very methodical process with the knowledge I have now instead of venturing into the unknown.  I need to find the emotion and fight.  It’s still in there somewhere.  Perhaps, I need to fear the hurt and the pain I’m going to feel while running a fast marathon.  Time to find the fire and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Week 7 Plan/Actual

MON – 3 Easy/3 Easy in 30:31 (10:11) in spite of a #codeabby scare

TUE – 3 Mile Pace/3 Mile Pace in 25:48 (8:36) which, was not the 8:15s that I’d love to run my marathon at.  However, my marathon will not be in 85 degrees.  Happy with this one.

WED – 4 Easy/REST because it’s Vivi’s Birthday Party!  Cupcakes were consumed.


THU – REST/4 Easy in 36:37 (9:09) first time in FOREVER that the humidity and the temps were bearable

FRI – REST/REST – I finally get to run a race!!!

SAT – CRIM 10 Mile/CRIM 10 Mile – EPIC FAIL!!!  After a week of thinking that I was heading in the right direction, this race couldn’t have went worse.  My tummy revolted in a very bad way and my only take away from this was “Thank goodness I didn’t poop my pants!”  Maybe I’ll write up a race report, maybe I won’t.  1:36:37 (9:39 pace) for 10 miles.  Thanks to friends and beer I wasn’t as miserable as I might have been alone.

IMG_2611 IMG_2616

SUN – 17 LSD/8.8 in 1:32:42 (10:33) I couldn’t seem to find my rhythm or even convince my body to run.  This pace was a monstrous struggle.  After failing to replenish fluids and food like I should’ve post race on Saturday, I guess this shouldn’t have come as a surprise.  I was pondering a massive sit down pity party when a couple friends came along to escort me the last 1/2 mile or so.  This made me smile.  Sadly, I bailed early on my 17 miles and tornado sirens (?) stopped me from going out later on for a second run.  My apartment and refrigerator however, are very happy to have gotten some much needed attention.

Pity Party OVER – Moving on to Week 8.


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