Crim 10 Mile RR – 2010

The morning started off with a little traffic jam and with a half hour to spare I made it to the rec center bathrooms and found my way to the start just about 10 minutes before the gun.  My mom was hanging with Miss Kylee and going to try to see me somewhere in the first couple miles before trying to head over to the finish line.  National anthem sung and we were off. . .

Mile 1 – 8:21 Started off a little slow due to the crowd.  No big deal.  Feeling good and I even heard a guy say, “See that girl, she is going at a good pace.  Stick with her.”  I’m not sure if he was referring to me, but I laughed anyways.

Mile 2 – 8:05 Much better, but man, that sun is BRUTAL.  Where is my mom and Miss Kylee???  Never saw them.  And as it turns out, they never saw me either.

Mile 3 – 8:25 This was the mile where I decided to try to maintain my GMP for the race, unless I started to feel much better.  I was battling a bit of a side stitch.

Mile 4 – 8:15 Side stitch subsides.  Sorry, I’m going to pass on the beer.  It smells like a frat house for most of this mile.

Mile 5 – 8:10 I was trying to bank a little time going into the Bradley Hills.  Still feeling strong though.

Mile 6 – 8:40 Ugh!  The second of the two hills zapped me pretty good.  I made up a little bit on the down hill part.  Time for a gel.

Mile 7 – 8:20 Phew!  Back on pace, but somehow I got a piece of wax from a Dixie Cup stuck in my throat.  Why is that guy breathing like a monkey???  Where is my ipod when I need it?

Mile 8 – 8:49 Blah!  Threw up a bit of gel and got rid of the wax.  Oh, is that beer???  No PR for me, so why not?  Is that a shower head sprinkler?  Sorry dude, I left my soap at home, but I’ll run through anyways.

Mile 9 – 8:32 Beer is good!  Almost there. . .

Mile 10 – 8:18 Mmmm. . . that guy has a popsicle.  I want a popsicle.  Ahhh. . . the bricks and the finish.

Last .09 – 7:20 pace – I BP’d the last few steps to ensure a good BP pic at least.  They even said my name!!!

1:24:47 chip time for an average pace of 8:28 or so.

Did I get my popsicle?  Yes, a red one.  It was YUMMY!  So was the blue Powerade, banana and water.  I got a little turned around and finally found my way back to the car.  My poor mom didn’t even try to make it to the finish line because she didn’t think she’d have time, so she was just sitting in the car with Ky.  I felt really bad.  She could’ve probably made it, but her choice I guess.

Race takeaways:

– I feel fairly confident that I can fuel via race provided drinks in Chicago.

– I CAN run a race w/o my iPod, but I will have it in Chicago, just in case monkey boy is around again.

– If I can hold almost GMP for 10 miles of a hilly course in 70-80 degrees and sunny weather, I should be okay to do so for 26.2 miles in Chicago on a flat course in hopefully much cooler weather.

– Sprinklers are just as much fun to run through as they were when I was a kid.  Notice I didn’t say when I was little?  I still am.  🙂

– Popsicles rock as post race refreshments!!!

– Beer is good fuel.


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