I’m Melting – Week 6

During the winter, I reach my breaking point of when I’ve had enough of the cold and the snow.  This week I’ve reached the same point that summer brings in the form of heat and humidity.  Believe it or not, I dislike the summer weather far worse than winter.  In winter, there are no allergies to worry about and no fear of overheating.  However, training must go on, regardless of weather and here’s how it panned out:

MON – 3 Easy/3 Easy in 30:56 (10:19)

TUE – 40 Min Tempo/4.53 miles, with middle 20 mins @ 8:11 pace

WED – 4 Easy/4 Easy in 39:26 (9:51)

THU – 4xHill/Rest

FRI – Rest/Rest

SAT – 8 Mile Pace Run/13.05 LSD in 2:18:50 (10:38)

SUN – 16 LSD/6.15 in 1:09:26 (11:18)

Well, I certainly started off the week fairly strong, but I drifted and strayed as the week wore on.  The heat sucks all life out of me and I just find it very difficult to breathe, which makes it entirely more difficult to get motivated to get out there.  Luckily, I had some great company to drag me through my long run this weekend.  Although, it came up 3 miles short, there was not a chance I could’ve made it much further.  I was running low on fuel and beginning to feel not so well, so I bagged the last three miles.  I had hoped to get my pace run in on Sunday, but with high humidity and temps in the 90s, my body revolted upon first step outside.  I tried to pick up the pace but, only felt lightheaded and pukish.  Some days it is all I can do to force myself out the door.  Sunday was one of those days.  I barely made it home with a revolting tummy.  I know it is these runs that build a strong mentality to keep moving forward.  One can only hope that once the crisp fall air rolls on in all of this pays off.

Thing I love – The strength and support of my training buddies.  We certainly stick together and push each other to greatness.

Thing I hate – Humidity, the bane of my existence as a runner.

Thing I learned – I can skip a workout and NOT try to fit it in without feeling the least bit guilty.


One thought on “I’m Melting – Week 6

  1. I feel like I’m running wearing a lead vest when it’s super hot out, so good on you for getting out on a hot and humid day to get as much done as you could!


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