Catching Up. . . Weeks 3-5 of Training

Life has been busy, work has been busy and blogging about running seemed to be less important than actually running, but here I am and I suppose I should document weeks 3-5.  The general theme for every run was heat and humidity really suck the life out of my body and it’s ability to function properly.  My times certainly reflected the difficulty.  However, if there is any truth in the fact that for every degree over 60, you should adjust your pace by 2 seconds per mile, maybe I’m actually doing better than I thought.  The truth will come out once fall hits and the temps dip back down into my tolerable range.  Until then I muddle along.

Week 3 (Plan/Actual):

Monday – 3 Easy/3 Easy – 29:12 (9:44 pace)

Tuesday – 35 Minute Tempo/Went to Andy’s comedy performance

Wednesday – 3 Easy/35 Minute Tempo – 15 minutes @ 7:59 pace

Thursday – 4xHill/3 Easy – 30:28 (10:09 pace)

Friday – Rest/Rest

Saturday – 6 Mile Pace/6 Mile Pace – 51:59 (8:40 pace)

Sunday – 13 Mile LSD/10.66 Mile LSD in GP with Brian in 90+ degrees – 1:57:36 (11:02 pace)

Week 4 (Plan/Actual):

Monday – 3 Easy/5 Mile Kensington Hills – 50:37 (10:02 pace)

Tuesday – 3 Mile Pace/3 Mile Pace – 25:11 (8:24 pace)

Wednesday – 3 Easy/Celine’s Birthday Party – cake and ice cream

Thursday – 35 Tempo/3 Easy – 30:15 (10:05 pace)

Friday – Rest/35 Minute Tempo – 15 minutes @ 8:05 pace

Saturday – 7 Easy/Took Celine to the Toledo Zoo – niece time trumped run

Sunday – 14 Miles LSD/ 14 Miles LSD – 2:24:17 (10:19 pace)

Week 5 (Plan/Actual):

Monday – 3 Easy/3 Easy – 29:34 (9:52 pace)

Tuesday – 35 Minute Tempo/35 Minute Tempo – 15 minutes @ 7:53 pace

Wednesday – 3 Easy/3 Easy – 30:12 (10:05 pace)

Thursday – 5x800m w/ 400m Recovery/Cainan’s Birthday – bowl of ice cream consumed

Friday – Rest/5x800m w/ 400m Recovery – 3:45, 3:46, 3:51, 3:56, 3:56 (goal is 3:40 or faster)

Saturday – 7 Mile Pace/10 Miles LSD – 1:40:19 (10:02 pace)

Sunday – 10 Miles LSD/5 Easy 46:42 (9:20 pace)

Not exactly according to plan, but friends and birthdays happen and sometimes you just need to listen to your body and switch things up.  Or at least that is what I will continue to tell myself is my excuse for deviating from the plan.  If I do swap a workout, my intent is to keep the “hard” days and swap or skip the easy ones, while trying to keep from 2 hard workouts on back to back days.  I feel like I should be doing more, but this is the plan I’ve chose, so I’ll stick with it.  Just please hurry fall and get here (and stay here) soon.

Thing I love – Spending time with family and friends is integral to any successful training cycle, so I loved spending the day with Celine at the Zoo.  I try to take each niece/nephew out for a special day with Aunt Ang as their birthday gift in lieu of another toy that they really don’t need.

Thing I hate – Bugs that end up stuck to me or worse yet, flying into my nose or mouth during tempo/speed work runs.

Thing I learned – Failing to hit target times during a speed workout frustrates me beyond belief, but sticking with it anyways may prove to be a character building experience.  Not giving up was much harder than throwing in the towel.  And we all know that one bad workout is no indication of race day success.

Reader Question (from Eliz) – What’s my favorite workout?  Any easy, peasy run with friends or my guy.  I’m a social kind of girl and love my run chats.  I’m really missing them lately, but I’ve been successful at sprinkling in one here and there this cycle.

The Birthday Kiddos – Celine (5) and Cainan (4)

IMG_2532 IMG_2547


3 thoughts on “Catching Up. . . Weeks 3-5 of Training

  1. This morning a big bug hit my upper lip while I was biking. All I could think was that if I had swallowed that thing, I totally would have crashed the bike. Looks like ice cream is helping your training, too 😉

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  2. Gnats are plentiful along the Isar trails here in Munich. If I don’t end up with one in my eye or mouth by the end of a run, then I surely have one stuck to my face or neck somehow. All your hard work is inspiring! Keep it up! I’ll use this for motivation whenever I start considering not getting out of bed for a run 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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