Hot, Humid and Shirtless. . . Week 2 Wrapup

Summer finally decided to hit Metro Detroit this week, which basically means bring on the heat and humidity and ditch the tank top.  Humidity is a killer for me.  The heat isn’t as bad, but still it slows me down a bit and causes some overheating.  Here’s what the week looked like (plan/actual):

Monday – 3 Easy @ 10-10:30 pace/5 miles of hills at Kensington w/ Rick in 49:12 (9:50 pace)

Tuesday – 30 Minute Tempo @ 7:45-8:15 pace/30 Minute Tempo w/ middle 10 minutes (1.24 mi) at 8:02 pace

Wednesday – 3 Easy @ 10-10:30 pace/3 Easy with Brian @10:19 pace

Thursday – 4x800m repeats (3:50 target) w/ 400m recovery/4x800m w/ 400m recovery (3:39.5, 3:46.4, 3:49.0, 3:57.0)

Saturday – 6 Mile Pace Run @ 8:15-8:45 pace/6 Miles in 51:29 (8:34 pace)

Sunday – 12 LSD @ 10-10:30 pace/12 LSD in 2:04:06 (10:20 pace)

I’m a huge fan of podcasts as of late and I love how they all seem to end with listener questions followed by some version of naming something you love, something you hate or something you learned.  So, submit a question if you’d like and I’ll answer one or two each blog.  And for this week:

Something I love – The badass feeling of running in shorty shorts and a tank top.  It makes me feel fast.

Something I hate – Sweat dripping in my eyes. . . OUCH!

Something I learned – My stomach sweats. . . ALOT!


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