Some Catching Up and a Reminder PSA

A few workouts of note that I’ve managed in the last couple weeks since my last post:

6/20/2015 – “Fast” 6 – 51:12 (8:32 overall pace) – Felt pretty decent and managed to explore my boyfriend’s neighborhood a bit.  Next time, perhaps I’ll actually follow the directions I was given.

6/23/2015 – 45 Minute Tempo – Middle 25 minutes done at an average pace of 8:03, which is right about where I’ve been running my tempo runs.  I had to fight a bit for this one.

6/30/2015 – 6x200m repeats – 58.5, 54.6, 57.0, 1:00.5, 59.8, 1:01.8; not at all the times I was hoping for out of this workout.

After 8 weeks of 5K training, I feel like I should have gotten faster.  I have not signed up for a 5K and I doubt that I will at this point.  It’s summer and it’s hot and humid.  My allergies are not thrilled with the fresh cut grass/weeds.  Any potential gains that I have made with reduced mileage and faster paced runs have most likely been masked by the weather heating up.  My last 200m repeat workout was evidence of that.  During that workout, I felt strong and fast, but my times were much slower than they had been previously.  Alas, it is time to use what speed gains I may have earned in the last 8 weeks and head into marathon training with a goal of BQ-ing at Marshall University on November 1st.

At this point I feel as if my goal of a BQ is a bit out of reach.  But, it is hard to judge yourself by July runs.  My effort level is where it should be, but my times appear stagnant or slower.  I know I’m not alone, as a friend is currently suffering with the same issue.  My fingers are crossed in hopes that if I keep putting in the effort that once the weather cools off, I will reap the benefits.  Until then, let the marathon training begin!


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