Summer Running. . . Having a Blast!

It is summer!  Or at least it has been the last couple days.  Summer always brings with it the question, “When should I run?”  Morning runs in Michigan summer are usually super humid, which makes it incredibly difficult for me to breathe. The temps are usually a bit more bearable.  Evening runs are sometimes done with the sun beating down, higher temps and on a good day, a bit less humid.  No matter what, I melt in the heat and humidity.  But, I know that all the summer runs will be beneficial come fall marathon time when the air is much cooler and humidity is greatly reduced.

Lately, my morning running has been non-existent, leaving the evenings to get in my runs.  So far, it hasn’t been too awful.  Wednesday I enjoyed a rainy easy three miles in air so thick that it made staying well within my “easy” pace fairly simple.  When I finished it was difficult to tell where the sweat ended and the rain water began.  Thursdays are for speedwork and this week the schedule had me running 10x200m repeats w/ 200m recoveries with a goal to hit 54 secs.  I’ve been choosing the road over the track for my workouts.  This sometimes results in needing to dodge people and traffic, which is somewhat annoying but, my IT Band is not much of a fan of the track.  It also adds slight elevation changes that are more similar to my actual racing conditions.  Overall, I think this may be beneficial come race day.  We shall see.

My results: 56.2, 52.9, 54.8, 54.9, 56.4, 53.9, 53.9, 55.0, 57.3 and 58.5 for an average of 55.38

Not quite 54, which was the goal, but this week I felt much more together and in control of my body.  The tendency sometimes is to flail about instead of focusing on proper form and keeping my turnover over 180 spm.  Overstriding is also an issue when running faster.  I’m very pleased with how this went and as an aside I was also very amused by the amount of sweat that was flying off of my body during each repeat.

Planning to embrace the sweat and summer heat!  Bring it on!


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