Tempo Tuesday and V-Dots

After speaking with my running buddy Dave during our recent run together, I was schooled on how and why V-Dots are important.  In order to train properly, not get injured and improve my times it seems as if I needed a good, hard effort of racing to obtain my own V-Dot with which to use as a guide.  As it turns out, mine is 38.  What’s yours?  Try the link below and find out:


Tempo runs for me should be around 8:30ish.  This seems so far from where I need to be to run a sub 3:40 marathon (8:20 pace).  I have my work cut out for me.  I was once knocking out sub 8s for tempo runs, but if this is to be done correctly, I must begin where I am today and not where I once was.  Run too fast and risk injury.  Run too slow and risk not improving.  Run just right and rumor has it that I will end up right where I want to be.

Today’s results – 10 minutes warmup @ 9:54, 20 minutes tempo @ 8:04 and 10 minutes cooldown @ 9:21

Same tempo pace as last week, but it felt okay. Maybe a bit fast according to my vdot, so next time I may dial it back a bit.


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